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Not everyone knows it, but the Babycup journey began out of necessity. A need and a desire for our founder, Sara Keel, to give her babies the very best start in life by ditching bottles, sippy cups and similar at the earliest opportunity and switching for the ergonomically designed, oral-development and fine motor skill development friendly Babycup First Cup. But of course, her mission to provide everything her children needed

Our planet and oceans are counting on all of us to take responsibility and get pro-active when it comes to eco-friendly ventures. Aside from recycling your Babycup First Cups (read more about that here), there are a great deal of ways you can help the worldwide recycling effort in fun and unusual ways! And you can get your children involved too, learning through fun activities with a globally positive impact.

Whilst we’ve been enjoying the surprising, yet glorious weather of late and soaking up a few much-needed rays, there is a niggling at the back of many of our minds. There’s no escaping the fact that these early spring days are pleasurable, but the backdrop reason of the results of climate change is something that is having a huge impact on our planet and everyone who lives here. As parents, we

Every parent knows that with children, comes clutter. Lots of it. The average home is already groaning under the weight of a lifetime worth of collecting, from clothes to kitchen appliances, but add a little one into the mix with an inevitable abundance of toys, books, dinnerware and a wardrobe bigger than your own and you’re faced with a serious need to declutter. Decluttering and ‘the art of tidying up’ has taken the world by storm