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The sticky subject of Sugar! by Sara Keel, Founder of Babycup Ltd I’m not alone in worrying about what my children eat. Are they eating enough? Too much? Is it healthy? What can I cook today? Will they eat it? How much does it cost? Can I afford it? How long will it take to make? Will they eat it???!! Is it good for them? Have I run out of ideas??!! IS IT

It's official! Babycup is not just the healthy cup for your baby or young child but is also a fully-confirmed cool piece of kit. Hanging out with the hip kids, Babycup is one of the selected brands to appear in the Mothers Meeting Boxpark pop-up shop in Shoreditch, East London, September 2014. For one week only, Mothers Meeting have taken their smart ways and exciting days over to Boxpark and set up a

I love balance bikes. What a clever idea! I wish they had been the norm when I was learning to ride. It’s a really simple premise and a very smart idea. Have you seen them? More than that, have you seen a child, who’s learnt to use a balance-bike, (basically a bike without pedals), then learn to ride a pedal-bike? Weeeeeeee! Look mum no stabilisers! Weeeeee….. I mean REALLY no stabilisers!! If you’ve

Future comedian?! Dentist?! Happy, healthy development! Does your child constantly do something that you find yourself always telling them not to do? Have they a habit their teacher regularly discusses with you? Perhaps these behaviours, habits, idiosyncracies are not things we should be knocking out of them. What if these are the seedlings of their own unique gifts? I read the post below on the website of 'A Mighty Girl' and I absolutely love it.

Gwen Stefani beaming, radiant and breastfeeding baby Apollo Bowie Flynn We love this gorgeous photo shared by No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani on 25 July 2014. A mum cuddling her precious babe is a gorgeous enough photo in itself but this lovely pic also shows Gwen nursing her five month old son, Apollo Bowie Flynn. Stefani captioned the lovely photo with ‘Switzerland!!!!’ and a baby bottle emoticon. The mother of three, who has advocated